Blogging Tips: Linking your blog in comments

Blogging Tips: Linking your blog in comments

Remember I told you guys I was starting a blogging tips section,well this the first post on it and I’m starting with the simplest thing,linking your blog URL in the comment section of a site or another blog

Not everyone will be able to copy and paste your URL so make it easy for them by linking

This little trick increases your traffic and your page rank in Google

<a href=”URL“>Title</a>


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Socks on Heels?

Growing up there was a rule that you shouldnt wear sock/tights with sandals or open toe heels,well we have come to an era of fashion where there are no rules anymore! Wear what you feel comfortable in

This socks on heels isnt a major trend but i like it alot! Im thinking of getting really cool socks ASOCKSS SOCKS 5SOCKS

SOCKS 3tumblr_m6bofpuF6I1r89ikmo1_500


So,would you rock this?

Btw don’t forget to register to the Beauty Africa…

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Products of the day

Products of the day

The products are on the top of my cravelist, im gotten some things on my list already so ill be showing you in my New in posts

Ankara Basket Dress

ankara-basket-dress-from shugakane

[red_spacer spacer_margin=”70”][/red_spacer]

This handmade dress is from

I love the creativity in it,its simply a work of art!

Guess what you get N1,000 off when you sign up at Shugakane

Get the dress Here 

Floral Playsuit

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Khuraira Musa heading talks at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference

Khuraira Musa heading talks at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference

A celebrity makeup artist and airbrush makeup expert for over twenty years, Khuraira Musa has distinguished herself as one of the top makeup educators in the world.

Khuraira is the founder of Khuraira cosmetics, one the world’s most advanced makeup lines for corrective solutions and anti-aging.

Khuraira will be heading the talks at the Beauty Africa 2014’s workshops and live demonstrations…

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NYSC Beauty Essentials

nysc essentials


 Sunscreen like I’ve said before creates a barrier between the sun and your skin

Too much exposure can cause your skin to darken so this is very important because you’ll be under the sun for long hours! One time I was under the super hit sun for about 5 hours

Get it Here, Here and Here

All in one powder

maybeline all in powder nigeria

It’ll be extra stress to carry foundation or loose powder…

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Product Battle: Mr Price vs TNL Check Shirt

Product Battle: Mr Price vs TNL Check Shirt

  c700x464     They look so much alike! Get the shirt from MR Price HERE Get the one from TNL HERE 

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How I Dyed My Hair Pink and Violet

How I Dyed My Hair Pink and Violet

Download video HERE


Hope y’all are enjoying your holiday!

So Ive kept too many people waiting with this tutorial so here it is

Im thinking of doing a bob next tho’,a green bob,what d’u think? :D

Check the Pink and Violet weave HERE ,I’ll be happy to answer your question

The hair was provided by blush hair services,they also made it a wig for me (Check my review HERE)

P.S Don’t forget…

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Products of the day: Iro and Buba

Products of the day: Iro and Buba

Hey you guys!!

Im so so sorry I haven’t been posting but all that’s going to stop (I hope) lol

Anyways I got a mail and someone was asking where to get them IRO AND BUBA,twist wrap styles so Ive been doing my research and these are my top ones


Hover across to see the number

1 // 2 // 3// 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 iro and buba styles part 2Shop all from HERE (They are really pricey tho)

I purchased one from Yetroselane…

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Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference Panels

Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference Panels

We are excited to see that the upcoming Beauty Africa Exhibition & Congress has managed to secure a great panel of regional and international experts! What better way to get some advice on how to set up your own salon, or to market yourself as a make-up artist or to build your clientele? All of these people have done the ground work and have made it to the top of their profession. Beauty Africa…

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