Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference Panels

Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference Panels

We are excited to see that the upcoming Beauty Africa Exhibition & Congress has managed to secure a great panel of regional and international experts! What better way to get some advice on how to set up your own salon, or to market yourself as a make-up artist or to build your clientele? All of these people have done the ground work and have made it to the top of their profession. Beauty Africa…

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Blush Hair Services (Review)

Blush Hair Services (Review)

 If you follow me on Instagram,you should know this company already coz I keep making noise about them lol.I got this hair back in May but I wanted to wait a while to do the review

So the amazing people from Blush Hair services contacted me sometime ago and they  wanted me to  review their Viva straight virgin  hair, It took a while to get to me but the wait was worth while

I received a 20,22,24…

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Winner of the Porsch Stores Giveaway

Winner of the Porsch Stores Giveaway


The PORSCH STORES giveaway ended yesterday,I asked the people at the company to pick a winner 

So the winner of the three clothing items from PORSCH STORES  is 


Youll be contacted by email and if after two days you cant be reached another winner will be picked :D

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Beauty Africa Exhibition

Hey guys! Long time no blog x_x So I’m an official blogger for this amazing event coming up in October,I checked out the different companies coming from all over the world and I CANNOT WAIT!!

The region’s largest event dedicated to beauty and wellness Beauty Africa exhibition and conferences will be held at the Eko Hotel & Suites on 7-9 October 2014, Lagos, Nigeria. The event will provide you…

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Hairfinity Hair Vitamins

OMG you guys!! Hairfinity is now available in Nigeria!!!

I discovered them on facebook and the reviews are just crazy!! Its quite pricey tho’,I really hope it works

A little bit about  Hairfinity

hairfinity in nigeria

It should be used twice a day and it contains 60 capsules per bottle hence a bottle will last for a month

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins are formulated with hair specific nutrients to nourish your hair from the

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Porsch Stores GIVEAWAY

Today PORSCH STORES is offering a very special giveaway to The Fashion Engineer readers…

We’ll be giving away these three Items to one lucky reader

Size fits a size 8/10


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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New Finds: Chiffon Ankara Print Fabric

New Finds: Chiffon Ankara Print Fabric

Hey you guys!

Im totally slacking in my ankara/oleku  department so ive been drawing up styles and looking up fabric,then I found this!!!

Ankara prints on chiffon fabric, I think its an amazing ‘invention’ but I predict it might be super pricey

ankara-chiffon-red-leaf-african-print-5yds--119-p ankara-chiffon-pepper-african-print-wax-design-fabric-5yrds--123-p chiffon-hollandais-wax-african-print-design-blue-garden-fabric-5yds--125-p ankara-chiffon-hibiscus-african-print-wax-design-fabric-5yrds--122-p (1) classic-hollandais-wax-african-print-ankara-yellow-stars-chiffon-fabric-5yds--126-p (1) hollandais-wax-ankara-chiffon-blue-swirls-design-fabric-5yds--124-p african-print-ankara-panel-shift-dress-113-p pleated-ankara-chiffon-flutter-poncho-top-[4]-131-p african-print-and-lace-iro-and-buba-oleku-yellow-traditional-top-and-wrapper-set-118-p[ekm]190x288[ekm]

I cant stop dreaming about this ankara velvet wrapper,Its just beautiful!!silk-chifon-iro-buba


Get it here

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Violet and Pink Ombre Hair

Violet and Pink Ombre Hair

Ombré hair is a popular trend for 2014 so I decided to do something different from the regular blonde so I did violet and pink ombre!!

If your following me on Instagram,you must have seen me on this already,I’m still editing the tutorial for it but I’m so lazy/busy at the  moment x_x

pink and violet ombre hair
pink and violet ombre hair

I got the curls above when I brushed out the curls below (I used a curling wand)

pink and violet ombre hair

This hair was provided by…

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Say Yes - Michelle Williams

Say Yes – Michelle Williams


When Jesus say Yes, nobody can say No
(When Jesus say Yes, nobody can say No)
When Jesus say Yes, nobody can say No
(When Jesus say Yes, nobody can say No)

I’m not worried ’bout a thing
Cause I know You are guiding me
Where You lead me, lord, I will go
I have no fear cause I know who’s in control

There’s no limit to what You can do
Cause it all belongs to You
Yes, it all belongs to You

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